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PureChillTM  Coolers (Countertop & Floorstanding)

PureWater Cooler Product


Using its PureChillTM technology, PureChill coolers remove the need for an open reservoir for cold water storage. These coolers are the perfect application to enjoy an endless supply of filtered cold or hot water at the office or at home. Every PureChillTM cooler has an optional Reverse Osmosis System for safe pure water filtration.

Countertop (PWC-900) or Floortanding (PWC-9500) configurations.

Closed/sealed water pathway system eliminates need for costly in-tank sanitation.

Low height (only 16 1/2″) fits under standard cabinents.

Auto safety-shut-off valve for peace of mind.

Two temperature system:

  • Cold 37-50°F
  • Adjustable Hot 180°F

Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

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