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Ion® Bottle-free Cooler

ION Water Dispenser


Certified to NSF standards, our Ion water coolers are the perfect application to enjoy an endless supply of filtered cold or hot water at the office or at home. What makes this cooler so unique is that it has no reservoir tank that requires cleaning. Turn on the tap and relax because every ION® cooler comes paired with our Reverse Osmosis System so you can enjoy safe pure water all the time.

Reduce your water bottle consumption.

Save energy with ION’s SleepMed to save on energy consumption on evening and weekends.

Save up to 75% on electrical usage compared to other coolers.


Every glass is instantly chilled in a sealed water pathway where air is never in contact until dispensed.

16 oz. of water every minute


Enjoy your favorite beverages and soups with piping hot filtered water.

Up to 2 gallons per hour.

Sparkling Water Option

Optional feature for a healthy lifestyle. Comes with an easy to change CO2 supply. One CO2 tank can fill up 8 ounce glasses 250 times.

Countertop or Freestanding configurations.

Compact in size, fits anywhere from your kitchen to a cafeteria.

Hygienic design with its sealed water pathway and easily replaceable faucet.

Removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

No additional filters needed when paired with a RO drinking system.

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