Sometimes your air conditioning system begins to show signs of a problem, but the unit is still working, so you decide to wait to call for repairs. This is rarely a good idea.

Most Common Questions.

No air conditioners FAQ page would be complete without an answer to the most elementary question. The best description of how they work is as a fridge does but backwards.

Can I rent Clean Stream Water products

These are typically the smallest type of  air conditioners and are self-contained, usually portable air conditioning units. The mobile monoblock air conditioners always have a hose exhaust, which needs routing through a window or door.

Why should I service my water treatment system?
Do you have any warranties?
Why is my air conditioner leaking?
Can I lease the system?
How long will my installation take?
How soon can you install a system?
Who will supervise and manage my installation?
What are the “Best” Air Conditioning Brands?
Will the system comply with all the Health & Safety regulations?

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