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Most Common Questions.

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that contains mineral ions, the most common being calcium and magnesium. These minerals cause scale buildup over time making cleaning solutions less effective, dryness to skin & hair, and damage to appliances, plumbing, and fixtures.

I do some gardening, is soft water bad for plants?
If I have city water, isn’t it treated already?
What are my warranty options?
How do I choose the best system/filter for my needs?
Will my water taste salty with a salt softener?
What's the difference between a single tank vs twin tank softener?
Do you offer financing?
How long will my installation take?
What about salt-free/no-salt conditioners?
Why does soft water feel slippery?
What is the difference between a Reverse Osmosis system and a Distillation system?
Why is my filter clogging so quickly?
If I install an acid neutralizer will I also need to install a water softener?
Why can't I just install a whole house Reverse Osmosis system?

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