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Pure Water® Midi Classic Automatic Distiller

Steel Distiller


Certified to NSF standards, this fully automatic distiller produces the purest water you can drink through natural processes of boiling and condensing. The Midi Classic has the capacity to make one gallon of distilled water every three and one-half hours.

Our systems come with a pump so you can have your distiller in the basement while having distilled water pumped through a dedicated kitchen faucet or routed to a refrigerator or icemaker.

Constructed from stainless steel and only the highest quality components

Float designed to automatically stop when storage tank is full

Dual volatile gas venting system that removes VOC’s

Voltage: 120v

Water supply flows through an inlet into the boiler chamber where water is converted to steam leaving behind all its impurities.

Steam travels through coils where other gases are vented out leaving pure water to be cooled backed into liquid form via a cooling fan. 

Water is then stored in a stainless steel reservoir and pumped to the desired place of dispensing.

Ideal unit for a family or business

Line is fed to a dedicated kitchen faucet for convenient dispensing.

Line can be connected to refrigerator or ice maker bypassing the need for their own water filters.

Additional storage tanks can be added for increased water capacity.

How it Works

Distiller Diagram

Water, generally pre-softened, enters the boiling tank.

The heating element boils the contaminated water into steam, leaving impurities behind to be washed down the drain in concentrate form.

As steam rises, it goes through a condensing coil separating water from all its impurities. Lighter gases within the water are vented out.

Steam in the condensing coil is cooled by a fan, converting steam to pure vapor-distilled water.

Water is stored in a lower stainless steel compartment that can hold up to 5 gallons ready for on demand dispensing channeled to a faucet and/or icemaker. (storage capacity can be increased)

Maintenance requires turning on the sterilizer setting to allow steam to disinfect the storage tank periodically.

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