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Backwashing Carbon Filtration System

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Our Centaur® carbon filtration system utilizes catalytic activated carbon to drastically improve the taste and odor of potable water, specifically, removing the rotten egg smell created by hydrogen sulfide. Carbon filtration is a cost-effective solution to treat well water systems that suffer from severe taste/odor issues.

Rugged-built digital air injection meter that is non-corrosive and UV-resistant designed for prolonged efficient service.

No refill required


Air injection boosts oxidation

In & out 3/4″ fitting pipe size

Bypass valve included

How it Works

Centaur Carbon System Diagram

As sulfur water flows into the tank, controlled via the electronic top valve, it comes into contact with an air pocket that allows for aerated oxidation in order to improve the filtration process. 

As it moves through the tank, Catalytic carbon, a highly absorbing media, extracts tastes, odors, and potential harmful chemicals from the water, exchanging it for fresh, odorless, and tasteless water to your faucets.

At a programmed time, air is injected through the injector to clean/regenerate the Catalytic carbon, refill the air pocket, and, through the use of water, backwash the sulfur into the drain completing its cycle.

The control valve lets fresh water into the mineral tank to flush the brine carrying the magnesium and calcium minerals out the drain. The resin beads are regenerated and ready to be used again.

The electronic control valve at the top of the tank(s) “keeps track” of the gallons that it treats and uses. When it reaches a programmed number, it will automatically put itself through a regeneration process.

Our systems are fully automatic, requiring no maintenance, producing continuous fresh water for up to 20 years.

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