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Nitrate Resin Backwashing Water Filter

Fleck 9100 Valve on Twin Tank


More commonly found near agricultural areas, often times as a result of fertilizer, sewage, or decomposing plant contamination, nitrates pose a serious health concern to both humans and animals. Excessive nitrates in drinking water can cause “blue-baby syndrome” or methemoglobinemia. Various treatment options are available to remove nitrate from water. If your water tests high for nitrates, we recommend installing our state-of-the-art twin tank nitrate filteration system.

Similar to our water softeners, our nitrate filter systems use a specialized resin sand for effective 100% nitrate removal.

Rugged-built electromechanical meter that is non-corrosive and UV-resistant designed for maximized service and salt-use regeneration


Twin tank alternating component maximizes nitrate rejection through efficient salt-use regeneration.

Auto backwash

In & out 3/4″ fitting pipe size

Bypass valve included

Brine tank included

Ideal use for agricultural applications

Can also be used for residential and commercial applications

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