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Cloudiness and Sediment Overview

As groundwater feeds your well, it picks up sand, silt, dirt, and rocks that becomes quite evident in your sinks. While at times it can be embarrassing, dirty water can lead to bigger clogging issues on your appliances, fixtures, and faucet’s aerators leading to costly repairs or replacements. Murky water is also a sign that contaminants are present in your water making it a potential hazard to your health.

Sediment Symptoms

Iron in water can cause visible staining even at low concentrations. As defined by American National Standards NSF/ANSI Standard 44 iron water containing 0.3 parts per million (ppm) of iron or 0.05 ppm of manganese will cause staining. Even if water coming out of the tap may appear clear, an accumulation of these metals will be visible over time.

Water Clarity

An high accumulation of fine sediment will cause your water to appear muddy. Muddy water can cause staining in shower liners, toilet bowls, sinks, and clothes. Muddy water can also show up in ice cubes.

Dirty Water Faucet
Open dishwasher drawer

Appliance Damage

Water with dirt, sand, and silt will easily clog your appliances such as water heaters, dish washers, and faucet aerators resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

Drop out of Faucet

Water Pressure Drop

If you notice a decrease in your water pressure, it could be a sign that your house’s plumbing and fixtures are getting clogged with sediment.

Bad Odor in Water

Bad Taste and Odor

Clogged sediment is a prime environment for bacteria to grow; as it not only causes an unpleasant earthy taste or odor in the water, but can lead to serious health concerns.

For more information on the perceptible issues of hardness, see the official link from the Water Quality Association.

Recommended Treatment

At Clean Stream Water, each of our filters have unique micron ratings, compositions, and sizes. Depending on your quality of water, we may recommend one or a combination of several filters to effectively remove sediment, minimize filter changes, and maximize your water pressure. Our filter cartridges are efficient, long lasting, and have proven to be our most effective treatment for removing sediment in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications for over 30 years.