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Reverse Osmosis Filtration Cluster

Reverse Osmosis system


Certified to NSF standards, our compact Reverse Osmosis system (RO) filters out 99% of contaminants. Enjoy highly purified water from your kitchen sink and refrigerator’s water dispenser. RO systems are 100% mechanical and utilize no harmful chemicals.

Our RO systems come with a dedicated faucet to match your kitchen sink and a 5 gallon storage tank. A second tank can be added for twice the water capacity.

If using well water, we recommend pairing it with our
Viqua® VT1 Tap Ultraviolet System.

Compression fittings that are molded directly into the filter body, reducing the chance for leakage.

Long-lasting filters that require service only once a year.

Durable RO membrane that requires replacing only once every 5 years.


A sediment filter aims to remove dirt and sand particles.

Alternatively, a chlorine filter can be attached instead to remove chlorine from municipal water.

RO Membrane:

Water is forced through the an ultra thin membrane to separate sub-micron sized particles such as nitrates, lead, and other dissolved solids.


A carbon filter further improves taste and odor producing high quality water.

UV Light:

If treating water sourced from a well, bacteria sterilization through our Viqua® VT1 Tap Ultraviolet System light is required as the last step in the Reverse Osmosis system.

The whole system, plus the storage tank, can be installed under a basement ceiling or under a kitchen cabinet.

Line is fed into a dedicated kitchen faucet for convenient dispensing.

Connected to refrigerator or ice maker feed line bypassing the need for their own filters.

How it Works

Reverse Osmosis Diagrams

Water enters an inline pre-filter which is aimed to reduce sediment particles and/or chlorine.

Water is then forced through the RO’s semipermeable membrane, separating nitrates, lead, and other dissolved solids to a sub micron level. Impurities that stay behind and are flushed out to the drain as fresh water exits the RO membrane.

Water is then processed through a post-carbon filter, designed to improve taste and odor.

Because RO systems slowly produce pure water at 24 gal/day, a 4 gal. water storage tank is installed for on demand use.

If well water is the main supply, then a UV light is recommended to be installed for disinfection before water is dispensed out to a dedicated faucet and/or routed to a refrigerator/icemaker.

Maintenance requires changing the filters and UV bulb every year and every 5 years for the RO membrane.

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