Who We Are

Specializing in residential, commercial, and agricultural water treatment systems, Clean Stream Water Inc. tests water, installs water systems, and offers services for residential customers, businesses, schools, churches, manufacturing plants, restaurants, and farmers in the Lancaster and Chester counties.

Water Safety

Clean Stream Water prioritizes water safety with each water system. We understand the serious hazards of untreated water which is why we offer systems that provide a protective barrier between your water supply and your family.

Water Expertise

With over 30 years in the water treatment industry, we have become very knowledgeable and committed to understanding and solving water issues. Our experts will give you their honest opinion on the best water treatment options for your home.

Cost Effective

Clean Stream Water's systems are built with the customer's wallet in mind. We offer affordable service rates and highly efficient systems. Our systems are built to last and require little maintenance saving you more money in the long run.

Customer Satisfaction

Clean Stream Water aims to provide 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with your current system we will work hard to make it right. We owe our growing customer base to our dedication in making every customer happy.

Full Warranty

Clean Stream Water offers in-house and manufacture warranties on our water treatment systems. If a system is defective and not working as it should, a refund, less installation costs, will be issued to you provided the system is within the warranty duration period.

Unchanging Commitment to Quality
Since 1988

In the spring of 1988, Bryan Blank noticed how homeowners in his community were facing problems that hard water, high iron, and acidity were causing on fixtures, appliances, and plumbing. Water treatment systems existed, but they were often costly and inefficient. And thus, idea was born! Having received a background in plumbing from his father, Bryan began to study up on the science of various water treatment systems. After receiving his certification in water treatment, Bryan seized the opportunity to start Clean Stream Water, a company with the sole purpose of providing water testing and high-quality treatment services for the growing demand in high water quality in the Lancaster and Chester county areas.

It was through this idea, that Bryan established his business founded on customer satisfaction, developing the motto “the job is not finished until you are satisfied.” Every product installed provided an economical solution to one’s water problem(s). As his customer base grew, the overall satisfaction spoke on the reliability of the products and services that allowed the company to grow for the next 30 years.

Today, alongside his son Brandon Blank, Clean Stream Water Inc. remains firmly committed to providing economical solutions to tough water problems for the Lancaster and Chester counties. Homeowners, businesses owners, and farmers are benefitting from the highest quality water provided by the wide range of state-of-the-art treatment systems Clean Stream Water has to offer. From the simple filtration systems to complex commercial water solutions, Clean Stream Water Inc. continues to grow, not only providing high quality water treatment systems, but also quick and timely service to thousands of customers.

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