Acid Neutralizers text

FLECK® 5600
Electromechanical Filter Time Clock

Acid Neutralizer Valve


Simple metered control valve with fiber glass tank for use with NSF certified calcium carbonate for controlled pH correction.

Rugged-built electromechanical meter that is non-corrosive and UV-resistant designed for maximized service and salt-use regeneration

Optimized water pressure for continuous service flow rate of 20 GPM.

Easy fill top plug included

Does not require drain line

Auto backwash

In & out 3/4″ fitting pipe size

Bypass valve included

How it Works

pH Neutralizer Diagram

The main body of our water softeners is a mineral tank filled with Calcite, a calcium carbonate media. As acidic water flows into the control valve’s inlet, it is then channeled down through the tank’s media naturally bringing the acidity back to its neutral pH.

Periodically, the system will go into its backwashing cycle where water is flushed through the tank, cleansing the calcite media preventing it from channeling and solidifying in the tank. Water used in the backwashing cycle is then discharged out the drain/septic system.

The electronic control valve at the top of the tank “keeps track” of the gallons that it treats and uses. When it reaches a programmed number (set by the technician), it will automatically put itself through a backwashing process to ensure continuous neutral water.

Our tanks are equipped to produce neutral water for up to one year before needing to be refilled with more calcite media via the fill port.

The use of a semi translucent media tanks allow you, or the technician, to view the media level using a bright light.

Because calcite is a mineral, it will raise the hardness level so a Water Softener is often recommended after a pH neutralizer system.

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