Why Treatment Systems?

You may have a variety of water conditions that need treatment. 

Here are some conditions we have been treating since 1988.

Hard Water

treat with water softener

Hard water is a term given to water that is high in calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. These minerals make it “hard” to create a lather with soap or detergents interfering with the cleaning ability of water.

Some of the many cost-saving benefits of soft water include the following.

  • less calcium deposit in pipes, water heaters, and on fixtures
  • soap and detergents last longer and work better
  • softer skin and hair
  • less wear on clothing


treat with iron removal softener

High iron is indicated by red-brown staining on clothing and water fixtures resulting in damage and costly repairs.


treat with pH neutralizer

pH balance is the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity water. Improper balance can cause corrosion to metal pipes and fixtures indicated by blue-green staining.


treat with distillation or UV light system

Bacterial contamination can lead to various illnesses.


treat with reverse osmosis, distillation, or ion exchange system

Nitrates can indicate contamination from fertilizers, agricultural activities, or septic systems. Continued exposure can lead to serious health problems.


treat with charcoal filtration system

Chlorine, petroleum products, and other chemicals alter the taste of drinking water, not to mention the health concerns when ingested.