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Silver CT02
Quantum Disinfeciton Media

Silver CT02 QD


Disinfection with no power or chemicals needed. From Claire Technologies, Quantum Disinfection™ is a revolutionary technology that uses quantum-mechanic principles of electron movement to kill viruses, protozoa, micro-algae, and bacteria such as E. coli, safeguarding drinking water for residential applications.

Water simply has to pass over the Quantum Disinfection™ media and the microorganisms are instantly destroyed through the catalytic electron exchange.

Paired with our Reverse Osmosis Filtration Cluster.

A new phenomenon:
attracts electrons from microorganisms causing their entire structure to collapse.

A catalyst:
disinfects the water with its activated surfaces. No power and no maintenance required.

A ceramic:
alumina based, odorless and insoluble. No leaching in water.

A solid media:
easy to apply, easy to handle, always placed in packed beds

Kills the microorganisms instantly:
there is no contact time required, there are no traces of microorganisms.

Application: Point-of-Use

Maximum Flow: 2 GPM

Dimensions: 6 x 2 inch

Maximum Pressure: 125 psi

Capacity: 37,000 Gallons

A small quantity of QD can disinfect all POU systems such as faucets, under the sink units, ice and beverage machines, coolers, misters, dental chairs, etc.

QD is used as a safeguard against bacteria for Reverse Osmosis systems.

How Quantum Disinfection (QD) Works

Water that flows through the silver “filter” comes into contact with a tightly packed bed of activated ceramic media. This ceramic media is given germicidal capacities due to the presence of silver (Ag) within their surface.

As microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, micro-algae, yeast, etc.) come into direct contact with the surface of the QD media, they instantly have their electrons ripped-off to the positively charged fields created by the silver ions causing their entire structure to collapse and disintegrate.

*Similar to UV light disinfection, QD needs primary filtration (at least 5 micron) to avoid clogging. RO is recommended as pre-treatment.

*QD does not leach in water. All of the germicidal action happens through catalytic surface action.

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