In the Spring of 1988, Clean Stream Water, Inc. was formed with the sole purpose of providing water testing and treatment services for the growing demand of high quality water.

Our services begin with a complete water analysis from which we can recommend the ideal treatment system. After your water quality needs are met with the properly installed equipment, we will continue to service your equipment for optimum performance and efficiency.

To better serve you, we continue to study and review the latest developments in the water treatment industry. From sediment filters to water distillers, our competitively priced treatment systems will remedy any water contaminant you may encounter with a minimal amount of maintenance.

We are committed to economically providing you with the highest quality water for your drinking and utility needs through efficient, state-of-the-art treatment products and service.

Our money-back guarantee confirms that our job is not finished until you are satisfied. Our customer satisfaction speaks for the reliability of our products and service.

If you have any questions concerning the quality of your water, or want to start enjoying the benefits of pure water, please contact us today.

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